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Hi, friends! Today I thought I'd share a virtual tour of my bedroom as well as where you can find everything. It took me about a year to fully clean out and decorate my room, but it's finally done and I'm LOVING it.

A lot of things I got are from garage sales or whatever, but I will provide links to every shoppable thing I can. :) If you really like something, like the desk for instance, I can give you a link to a similar product. I've provided links to a few similar items, but if you see something you like that I haven't given a link for, let me know and I will find something!

Well, let's begin the tour. ;)

My Bedroom Tour

So, this is obviously my bed. It's my go-to part of my room for sooooo many things. Sleeping, reading, sleeping, stretching, sleeping, relaxing, and sleeping.

This is my bookshelf. It holds all my favorite books, and the bins are super helpful for holding my knitting/crocheting supplies as well as all my blankets and pillows. It's also just a pretty shelf to decorate.
Mirror // Bookshelf // Bins // Picture Frame

I love this desk. I keep all my schoolwork stuff in one of the drawers, while I keep my makeup in the other. So it doubles as a vanity, too! Win-win! Unfortunately, though, I couldn't find anything shoppable similar my desk because I bought it on Facebook Marketplace. :( But if you really like it I can try to find something similar!
Chair // Knobs // Lamp // Mirror

So, the lighting here stinks (I'm saving up for a good camera), but at least you can see it. This is my lovely window to a gorgeous view- my neighbors backyard. 
Curtains // Curtain Rod

This is my cute little wall-decor area. I keep an erasable calendar there so I can just look over at it from my desk. It's pretty handy!

More wall decor!

Well, that's all I have for my bedroom tour! I hope you enjoyed it!

What design/decor style is your favorite? What's your favorite color? Should I do a 'What's on my Bookshelf' post?

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