My Top 10 Study Tips for Staying on Task

Guys! October is here! Can you believe it?! I'm so excited. But this hot weather, man! It's killin' my vibe!

School's been in session for a little while now, but there's no denying it: school is stressful! I mean, I know all this learning is so, so important in the long run, but it may not feel like it right now. At least for me.

I've felt so overwhelmed lately, especially as we get deeper into the semester and the tests are only getting harder and harder. I'm the worst when it comes to staying focused and motivated, especially while doing school and studying. But these tips are so helpful to me, and I wanted to share them with you today!

I've included some of these in my Top 10 Productivity Tips post, but they're really helpful tips so I'm going to repeat them! Read on, my friend!

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1 | Wake up earlier

I've found that when I sleep in, I've already lost most of my energy and focus. If I wake up early and follow my morning routine, I get so much done!

2 | Plan out your day

Sometimes, when I feel overwhelmed, I make an hourly schedule of everything I need to get done. For example, at 10:00, I'll work on math. At 10:30, I'll work on history. Even if I don't finish my math in 30 minutes (and I assure you, I never do), I'll usually leave an hour or so in my schedule to finish any homework I haven't had the chance to finish. 
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3 | Get dressed

Believe it or not, simply getting dressed or putting some makeup on can really increase your productivity! If I try to study and focus in my pajamas, I don't really feel 'awake,' if you know what I mean.

4 | Listen to classical music

I know this sounds weird, and you probably don't like classical music, but I've found that when I listen to classical music instead of Michael Buble or whatever else I want to listen to, I concentrate much easier. For me, classical music tells me it's time to focus.

5 | Drink TONS of water

Did you know that drinking lots of water actually scientifically helps concentration? I always feel so energized and focused after simply drinking a glass of water.
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6 | Eliminate distractions

This is a HUGE weakness of mine. Especially when I'm doing work on the computer and there's Pinterest... and blogs... and email... and the internet in general... it's hard! Put restrictions on your computer so you can focus just on schoolwork or any other work you have to get done. Also try to find a place to study where you're not easily distracted by books, noises, or anything like that.

7 | Save the electronics for last

Do as much work without a screen as you can before you do anything on electronics. I've noticed that if I do my computer work first, I often get distracted or lose my energy before I can get to my other work.

8 | Focus for short periods of time

If I attempt to work for hours or more at a time, I get overwhelmed and give up before the first 10 minutes. Work in 20-30 minute blocks, or even 10 if you need.
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9 | Reward yourself

Promising yourself a reward afterward, whether it's a nice bath, watching a movie, or drinking some hot chocolate, is a great motivator. But don't cheat! Do everything you need to before rewarding yourself.

10 | Do your best!

This was my last and final tip in my last productivity post, also, but it's always the most important when it comes to productivity! Simply do your best. Don't pressure yourself. The sun will keep rising and setting, even if you don't finish EVERYTHING. If you prioritize right, you'll get everything done. You can do it!
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I hope this was helpful to you! If you need a super helpful prioritizing tool, check out my Eisenhower Box freebie! Check out my last productivity post to learn how to use it. Enjoy your first week of October!


What are your most helpful study tips? What's your favorite subject in school? Do you like reading these types of posts?

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