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Hello, my friend! Welcome to the very first post in my new Coffee Break series! These are my favorite kind of blog posts to read, so today I thought I'd start my own series. I thought this would be a great opportunity for you guys to get to know me a little better, and for me to get to know you guys better! 
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There's a podcast. FINALLY! I've been wanting to do a podcast forever and this was the perfect opportunity! The podcast is literally just an audio version of this series, that way you can listen to me talk like I would in an actual conversation instead of reading this post and trying to imagine how I talk. ;) But bear with me, since it's only my first ever podcast.


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I want this to be like a reader-controlled series, so I need you guys to tell me what you want to talk about. I want to be able to relate to and help other teen girls, so please comment on topics you would like me to write about for the next Coffee Break post! It can be ANYTHING, from advice to personal experiences to life lessons I've learned... whatever you can think of!

So, imagine it's raining outside, and you're inside a small, seaside bookstore coffee shop. Or, it's sunset outside and you're at a quaint cafe in Paris. You choose. You can hear the whir of the coffee machines in the background. There's some soft jazz music playing, and your favorite coffee mug contains your favorite hot drink. Let's chat!

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Today I'd like to chat about my life as of late; things that have been going on, school, work, and the like, so you guys can get to know me.


You guys might have realized that my posting schedule lately hasn't been very consistent. So much has been going on lately, what with my new job, school, music, and just life! 

I used to spend so, so much time on the computer blogging (mostly redecorating my blog... you probably have noticed that I change it up probably once a week), so I decided it wasn't worth it to spend my now very little free time on the computer, instead of doing something more important or spending time with family. I'm hoping to get on a consistent posting schedule, though, so I'm trying to schedule posts at least 2-3 weeks in advance.
I've mentioned my new job title, marketing communications specialist, a couple times. I was hired for this job in late July, and it's been super fun! Basically, I do internal marketing. My dad runs a real estate company, and my job is to engage his realtors and employees. I mainly send emails and design posters and those kinds of things. I've always liked doing that kind of stuff, even as a kid, so this job is right up my alley!

But balancing this job with life has been kind of hard. Most everything I have to do for my job is time-sensitive, and that's hard because, for example, if I don't send out a certain email on time, it won't get sent out! I'm responsible for all of our internal communications, and that's no easy task! I am definitely not one for time management, I've come to find.

School, also, has helped me find out that I'm not very great at managing my time. At all. I always tell myself I have plenty of time to finish my homework, and then, of course, the day before school, I forgot to do... oh, just EVERYTHING. People have always told me high school is hard, but I've always just brushed it off, telling myself that it didn't exactly apply to homeschoolers. I was wrong.

I go to a homeschool tutorial twice a week. Before I moved to Nashville, I had never heard of a tutorial, but they're popular around here. I like to think of it as in-between a homeschool co-op and a private school. I really like the 'tutorial' concept.

Last year, I participated in a small, newer tutorial and I LOVED it. I made so many great friends and looked forward to school every week! But, unfortunately, they couldn't do the school this year because there weren't enough students enrolled. So, we went with a back-up tutorial, and it's okay. It's been hard to make friends, but that's just life. And I'm okay with that. It takes time.

On a lighter note, my little cousins moved here with my aunt and uncle! We finally have family in town! They've lived in Pennsylvania for 6 years now, but we've finally convinced them to move to Nashville, so I'm EXTREMELY excited about that.

I think I've covered some of my biggest life 'happenings' so far, so we'll wrap up here.


Right now life is pretty busy for me. But, life isn't always, and won't always be, fun. There will always be busy times and stressful days, but I've had to remind myself a lot recently that God doesn't expect us to handle it on our own, he expects us to depend on Him.

High fives to you for finishing this post! I hope this gave you a little insight into what's going on in my life currently. This was really fun to write, and I can't wait to do more of these!


Since this is a conversation, feel free to ask me any questions, or tell me your thoughts on anything I've talked about. Also, please tell me what YOU want to hear, and what topics I should talk about in the next post of the Coffee Break series! Would you be interested in a podcast/video Coffee Break?

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  1. THIS IS SO EXCITING! That's so cool that you've started a podcast! Loved the first episode! <3

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH, JENNA! I'm so glad you liked it! <3


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