12 Summer Birthday Party Themes and Ideas for Teen Girls + Party Planning Checklist

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Confession time: whenever I can't think of a post intro, I look up national holidays.

Did you know that today is National Ice Cream Soda Day? Or National Vanilla Milkshake Day? Or World Productivity Day? If you read my blog regularly you should have picked up by now that I'm pretty much obsessed with any topic that involves productivity. 👌

But don't worry, because today I'm taking a break from productivity-related posts to bring you 12 summer birthday party ideas! Yay! 🎉

I have to be honest, when I was looking through all these resources, it made me wish I had a summer birthday. 🏖☀️🏊 I hope you find some good ideas!

12 Summer Birthday Party Themes + Ideas

1 | Glow-in-the-dark party

Party Themes - Neon Glow In the Dark Party Ideas frostedevents.com
At my summer camp, we usually have a 'blacklight night' where they bring in some blacklight, play some favorite tunes, and dance, and it's so much fun! Throw in a birthday cake? Yes, please!

2 | Murder Mystery party

I've always wanted to have a murder mystery party. Actually, I think that will be my next birthday party. 😉 For some kid/teen friendly murder mysteries, I would recommend Shot in the Dark Mysteries.

3 | Backyard beach party

Teen beach Movie party - Teen beach Movie
Even if you don't live close to the beach, you can bring the beach to your very own backyard and wow your guests with a backyard beach party!

4 | Bonfire party

Bonfire Birthday Party Ideas | Such the Spot
I love bonfires, let alone a bonfire birthday party! Can't you just taste the s'mores?

5 | Decades party

Retro Party!!
I mentioned we usually have a 'blacklight night' at my summer camp... well, we also have a decades night (my personal favorite)! All the campers dress up in whatever decade they want. They have a milkshake bar and games, all while playing some of the best 'decade' songs. Best. night. ever.

6 | Pajama party

With or without the 'slumber' part, no one can deny that it doesn't get much better than hangin' out with your besties... in pajamas!

7 | Luau party

Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas-Decorations, Games, and Food ideas to throw the best Luau parties
Whisk your guests away to a tropical island- in your backyard! If any of you end up having a luau party, make sure to invite me. 👍

8 | Outdoor movie night

I could watch movies for a living. But watching movies outside with concessions and pillows and friends? I could do that for a living, too.

9 | Karaoke party

What's more fun than singin' your heart out surrounded by your friends, family, and a birthday cake? Nothing.

10 | Carnival party

Flower arrangement with popcorn box base from a Vintage Carnival Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | KarasPartyIdeas.com (34)
Who doesn't love a carnival? Playing games and winning prizes, there's no way I'd pass up a good carnival party!

11 | Garden tea party

Tea Party Viablossom
*In my best British accent* If you're not inclined to hosting, say, a noisy pool party, perhaps you'd be more interested in hosting a garden party?

12 | Popular movie or show theme

Sound of Music Inspired 16th Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas - KarasPartyIdeas.com
Throw a party with decor and activities inspired from your favorite show or movie! I came across this 'Sound of Music' birthday party theme and I couldn't leave it out. 🎵

Tips + ideas for a fun summer party

Have a theme

Even if you're not big on having a distinct theme for your party, at least have a color theme. Black and white, rose gold... you get the idea.

Have lots of games

It's important to plan activities and games for your party. You don't want to come to a point during your party where you realize there's nothing left to do and then try to scramble to find some games. Trust me.

You can never have too many snacks

You don't want to run low on snack and drink options. I love going to parties where I can't fit everything on my plate. I always regret it later, but it's worth it.

Make your own photo booth

For my sister's birthday party, she bought a simple pink plastic tablecloth, some hanging paper fans, and some balloons, arranged them on the wall, and cut out some props from glitter cardstock to make a photo booth, and it turned out great!

Don't forget the twinkle lights

Twinkle lights or any kind of hanging lights can go great with almost all of the themes I mentioned. They just make everything seem more magical!

Well, there are my summer birthday party tips and ideas for you! To end today's post, I give you...

Party Planning Checklist!

Enjoy your freebie!

What was the best birthday party you've hosted or attended? Are you going to any summer camps? What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

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