Dear Reader,

It's safe to say it's been awhile! While it's easy for me to run through the typical excuses of 'I've just been really busy' and 'blogging was put on the back burner for awhile', it's harder to acknowledge the fact that I simply just let my to-do list get the better of me. I realized that if I were to keep waiting for my busy schedule to die down before blogging, you’d probably never hear from me again. My to-dos will never go away, so I might as well take my usual 'decompress and Instagram' time and use it to do something I truly love to do.

Because if not now, then when?

Funny story - that first paragraph has been sitting, patiently waiting to become something, for months. And now, as I find myself sitting on this quiet Sunday afternoon with my cup of hot tea, in fuzzy socks and winter clothes despite the 90 degree heat because my room is quite cold, I long to write. To finish my thought. To turn this journal entry from nothing into something.

All that to say (in a very fancy way), I'm back. But I have a bit of a different plan for this blog moving forward. The more I grow older and wiser (because, you know, I've experienced a lot of life by this point), the more I find myself focusing on the bigger picture. In the past, I've posted a lot of tips and tricks, how-tos, fun lists, etc., and while of course it's still important to me to have fun, I want to shift this blog to become more of a journal. Not to say that it won't be fun and light anymore, but more contemplative. I've aged a couple years since last blogging, and I know that my audience has, too; such is the cycle of growth.

This is a journey we are taking together to make this change. I don't plan to entirely rid this blog of 'fun' posts, but my prayer for this blog is to evoke some deeper thought and spread the Light of Christ through this gift of writing that God has given me. Some of these posts might be unfinished thoughts; others questions, conversations, or feelings. I want you to join the conversation; to add your thoughts, to contribute to the discussion. Through doing so, I believe that together we can uncover beauty and truth. 

Whenever you see a blog post from me, here’s my recommendation: don't read it right away. First, clean your space; create a tidy atmosphere in which to think clearly; to relax, and contemplate without the stress of clutter. Then, pour yourself a steaming cup of whatever you desire; whether it be tea, coffee, hot chocolate. Get into comfortable clothes, or put on some cozy socks. Play some background music, if you’d like. Give yourself a few moments to silence your mind; then, join the conversation.

I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you, and look forward to hearing yours. 

With love in Christ,

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